Although it is not usual in this blog, we wanted to add this entry recommending a totally natural henna dye that can be very beneficial to people suffering from hair loss due to multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome (MCSS) or other causes such as psoriasis of the scalp, atopic dermatitis associated with pruritus when chemical tinctures are used, etc.

Tinte 2

If you have tried other henna-based dyes, most do not cover well, especially grey hair, or contain some chemical salt to activate the colour such as sodium picramate. That is why we wanted to share with you this henna tincture that contains a totally natural protein that facilitates the hair adhesion of henna and makes it perfectly cover grey hair.

If you have doubts about where to find it, I provide you with a link to a page that sells worldwide with very competitive shipping costs. In case you still don´t know it, it is an extraordinary page where you can get a lot of natural products at very reasonable prices.

This dye comes from the United States and is USDA approved for organic products. The henna dye comes in different shades of chestnut, black, dark blonde, and mahogany.

Depending on the colour we choose, the henna plant appears mixed with other plants such as indigo, hibiscus, cassia, etc.

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