If you were attentive to our entry on the rose base cream in which we made a base cream that could be adapted to multiple combinations…

This is one of those combinations. From this recipe for a facial base cream that consists of:

6 parts of hydrosol = water

3 parts vegetable oil

2 parts emulsifier

We are going to make our make-up base cream with a sun protection factor.
And for this we will start from our already prepared base:

To which we will add the pigments and the sun protection factor.

As a sun protection factor we are going to use zinc oxide, which, as you know, is a mineral sunscreen that we have already used in a previous post to prepare our recipe for sunscreen.

Zinc oxide is a white powder that you can easily find in any of the online stores that we provide on our interesting links page.

Also, zinc oxide has countless properties for the skin.

And it is that zinc is an essential mineral that is present in practically all the cells of the organism since it participates actively in their development, maintenance and repair through the synthesis of collagen and proteins. In addition, in the cells of the different layers of the skin it is a necessary mineral.

-As it is an absorbent, deodorant, and drying material, it is perfect for taking care of the health of the feet and avoiding the bad smell of these and other conditions, as it prevents excessive sweating, the proliferation of bacteria and fungi and closes the pores. For this, there are specific products that contain this component and it is also possible to make these powders at home.

-In the same way, it is very effective to prevent and avoid excessive sweating and bad smell in the armpits, also avoiding secondary problems due to bacteria. Some commercial deodorants include it in their formula, also in deodorants and natural cosmetic recipes.

Zinc oxide is also highly acclaimed among anti-aging products for contributing to the regeneration of the dermis and having an anti-wrinkle effect, helping to improve its elasticity and firmness. Thus, it can be seen in products for optimal maintenance of the dermis but also in some specific ones to treat problems such as acne. In addition, the use of zinc oxide to lighten the skin and remove stains is also very common. For all this, we see that this mineral is very suitable to take care of our personal hygiene.

-It is common that we also find zinc oxide in baby cream. Well, among the benefits for the dermis that it brings us, its effectiveness in curing diaper rash is remarkable.

In our recipe, we will use it in combination with pigments, in this case red clay, to lighten them and achieve the desired tone for our skin as well as providing treatment properties to our recipe and a sun protection factor.


As we already have our cream prepared in advance, we just need to put it back in the water bath and add the clay combined with the zinc oxide at the rate of:

Two tablespoons of red clay

By one of zinc oxide

And we will be removing and checking the tone on the inner face of our arm (it is more similar to the color of the skin on our face) and proportionally adding clay and zinc until we achieve the tone required by our skin.

The truth is that, if you already had the base prepared, the procedure is very easy and it will be enough with adding the pigments until you achieve the tone you are looking for.

If not, it is not much more difficult to start from scratch. The base cream is prepared in a water bath with a self-emulsifying wax type olivem 1000 or lanette wax, oil and water, beating well until it sets and emulsifies. At this time we can add the pigment while continuing to beat to check that our cream thickens correctly.

And that’s it, that’s how simple it is to prepare a totally natural base cream for daily makeup without harmful components that anyone, even people with dermatitis problems, can use on a daily basis.

In the end, we have decided to prepare a darker version for the summer that our skin tends to be darker and a lighter version to use daily during the winter days.

And the final result on the skin can be appreciated through this image without retouching, of course.

I hope you found it interesting. If so and you want to prepare the cream, leave us a comment.


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