For those who do not know what a serum is in natural cosmetics, to explain that it is a very simple preparation that normally consists of the combination of a quality vegetable oil appropriate to the skin problem that we want to treat and a few drops of essential oils also suitable to our specific problem.

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There are variations of serums like this that we are going to prepare in which we include aloe vera because it will be very useful as a regenerator of skin exposed to the sun.

Continuing with the theme of summer and photoprotection, we wanted to include a recipe for skin regenerating serum for those who, despite all the advice, have not been able to avoid toasting excessively during these holidays.


-2 tablespoons (15grs each) of infused lavender (it is also possible to use lavender hydrolate if you have it).

– 1 tablespoon of purifying and dermoprotective vegetable oil, such as those of neem or calendula.

– 1 tablespoon of aloe vera dry extract. We are going to use dry extract because it is to regenerate sunburned skin and we don’t want it to have preservatives like commercial gels do. If you have the natural aloe vera plant, it is also possible to use this gel obtained from a stalk of the plant.

-Lavender essential oil, 1 drop for every 10 ml of final product.

Modus operandi:

In a bain-marie and over low heat we will infuse the lavender for a few minutes.

We will proceed to reconstitute our dry aloe vera extract with pure water. Next, we will add the oil and the reconstituted aloe gel and beat very well. We will integrate the infusion of lavender with the mixture of aloe and oil and we will continue beating. When everything is well integrated into a homogeneous mixture, the serum is ready.

Now is the time to add our lavender essential oil and pack. Perhaps in a dispenser container like the one in the photos for ease of use.


1.- We prepare the ingredients: the dry extract of lavender, (I have dried it from my own garden), the dry extract of aloe, the oil of calendula, and the essential oil of lavender.

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2.- We infuse lavender, it would also serve a hydrolate if we had it.

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3.-We reconstitute our aloe gel with pure water

4.-Now we add the calendula oil to our aloe extract and beat well. It is interesting if you have a milk skimmer as a mini blender. If not, simply an egg whisk will suffice.

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5.-Now is the time to add a few drops of lavender EA to our repair serum. As you know, the essential oil of lavender, in addition to preserving our product for a longer time, is a great regenerator of sunburned skin.

6.-It is convenient that you use a dispensing container like this to be able to easily apply your skin regenerating gel.

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Despite its colour, to indicate that this gel does not stain the skin, it only refreshes and regenerates it.

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