Most wild rose bushes, when autumn arrives, offer us these edible berries that are very rich in vitamin C, antioxidants (that’s why there are people who prepare syrups with them) and countless wonderful properties to strengthen our defenses and take care of our skin.

We are going to prepare an infused oil with them, which we can use to enrich the formulations of our homemade creams.

From this infused oil you can enrich your homemade creams in a spectacular way and without the need to acquire the famous, but expensive, rosehip oil.

And is that this homemade maceration, if you choose a quality oil, has practically the same properties as a commercial rosehip oil.

Take a good look at the photos, and you will see that you are going to find rose hips in your natural environment easily, that’s for sure!

Properties of wild rose hips:

Rose hips are packed with vitamins and minerals. In principle, they have 10 times more vitamin C than oranges, in addition to vitamins A, B1 and B2. Hence its ability to strengthen our defenses.

Rose hips are also known for their purifying ability and anti-inflammatory power. They also contain selenium, something the average person is deficient in.

The polyphenols they contain fight cardiovascular disease by regulating better blood pressure.

Regarding the skin, in addition to providing vitamins and illuminating it, they have a powerful firming effect that prevents skin wrinkles. Thus, this natural infused oil is liquid gold for the skin and makes it easier for us to enrich our creams and ointments.


The procedure to follow is the same as with any other infused oils.

The herb or fruit is placed in quality oil and left covered and out of direct light for a minimum of 40 days.

Wild rose hips are typically harvested in the fall. After collecting a good quantity, we will proceed to wash them and put them to dry for a couple of days. When they are clean and dry, we will cut them in half so that their seeds are exposed.

That’s the best way in order to extract all the vitamins and properties for the skin that they possess.

Always choose a cold-pressed virgin oil that you can have in a certain quantity since the rose hips must be completely covered with the oil and reserved in a glass jar with a lid, away from direct light for 30- 40 days. It is convenient to shake it from time to time.

After 40 days, the properties of the rose hips will have remained in the oil and we can now remove them and strain the oil.

We will add some capsules of vitamin E to avoid rancidity and to extend the useful life of our infused oil.

And that’s it, it’s that simple to make homemade rosehip oil.

We hope you find it very useful and that you can make numerous cosmetic preparations with this oil!

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