Are you a bar soap or a liquid soap type?

If you are one of the second, you will like this recipe with which you can prepare a liquid hand soap or a shower gel with the same properties as the best cold saponified natural soaps.


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We will need the potassium soap paste that, previously (in our entry about potassium soap paste), we have prepared.

IT’S THE TIME TO TAKE OUR SOAP PASTE TO THE MARÍA BATHROOM and dilute it with water to prepare our shower gel, hand soap, etc …

Normally, for one part of pasta, we will add three of water. As always, the ratio is based on tastes and will depend on how thick we want our gel or soap to be.

Now, with our pasta already cold, it is time for us to add the essential oils, if we prefer. In principle, a few drops will be enough to give it a good aroma.

Keep in mind that we are not preparing a treatment gel or shampoo, but a product for daily use and that, as you know, EOs have strong biocidal capacities that, personally, we believe that we should restrict them to the needs of a treatment. The daily use of biocidal agents can lead to irritation of our skin.

For example, we use only a few drops of laurel or lavender essential oils, which give it a good aroma and are quite soft.

In the video that we show you below, we have used GSP (grapefruit seed extract) instead of essential oils because, in addition to acting as a natural preservative, it adds a citrus aroma to the shower gel that we love.

If you have very sensitive skin, it is also possible, if you want, not to add any type of essential oils and leave it only with the aroma of natural soap, which is usually quite good. In any case, natural potash soap, if well cooked, keeps very well for a long time.


A good ratio to prepare our shower gel would be, for example:

One part soap paste (for example, 115 grams)

For three parts of distilled water * (345 g)

And a few teaspoons of vegetable glycerin, or quality vegetable oil, to make it more emollient for your skin.

* (In this recipe that we show you in the photos, we only put 1.5 parts (173 g of water) and it has remained a little thick, but if that is your taste it is also possible).

And finally, optionally, a few drops of essential oil, or grapefruit seed extract *, as in this case. * I imagine that you all know that GSP (grapefruit seed extract) is taken diluted in an infusion, for example, to help fight infections.

If you add distilled water instead of plain water, your soap will remain transparent and beautiful. If, as it happens to me, this does not matter much to you, a good idea is that you add sea water because it has innumerable properties for the skin.


In this case, you will have to add 3.5 parts of water to one of soap paste because the salt contained in seawater tends to thicken your potassium soap gel naturally.

You will have noticed, without a doubt, that when you leave the sea your skin feels smoother and more stretched, the small scars and marks disappear and your skin is firmed. Sea water acts as a healing agent, helps to close wounds and at the same time deeply cleanses the skin. All this is due to the amount of minerals that seawater contains and that increase the elasticity and flexibility of drier and dehydrated skin. It also contributes to the natural formation of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. In truth few natural products you will find so full of properties.

For all these reasons, use homemade soap with seawater to treat skin with acne, psoriasis, skin problems, itching, etc. it’s a very good idea. Trace elements in seawater, such as iodine, zinc, potassium, etc. Among others, they contribute to cell renewal and to avoid the problems of skin affected by dermatitis.

Also if you are going to use it as a shampoo, it is possible that you add sea water and your hair will be full, healthy and beautiful. In principle, potassium soap is not very interesting as a shampoo because it makes little foam, but if you are one of those who wash your hair daily, this shampoo does not punish your hair at all and, with the addition of seawater, it gives it high volume.


Would be to use a ready-made potassium soap paste, like the pastes sold by firms such as Jabones Beltrán in Spain. This soap paste can be found in supermarkets, even like Mercadona.


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From a few tablespoons of this natural potassium soap paste and water you can now prepare your shower gel following the ratio indicated above.

You can even prepare homemade sea water if you do not have natural sea water but you do have a good unrefined sea salt that preserves all its trace elements:

Homemade seawater: we would need 3.5% salt. Then to about 500 grams of water would correspond to about 18 grams of sea salt.

ANOTHER POSSIBLE SOLUTION to make ecological liquid soap.

It is not the perfect solution because by not using caustic potash, but caustic soda in its preparation, these gels tend to gel and you have to shake them before each use, but if you do not dare with the caustic potash recipe, it is also quite a solution. good.

From a bar of grated natural soap (never toilet soap).


Natural soap with natural oils in bars.

Distilled water or seawater (three cups for each of grated soap)

A couple of teaspoons of liquid glycerin or olive oil

Steps to make liquid soap:

We grate the bar of soap. If you don’t have a grater, you can cut the tablet into small and fine pieces that also works.

We heat water in a pot. Three times as much water as grams of grated soap, more or less.

We introduce the grated soap in the water and dissolve it over low heat.

Once we turn off the heat and take out our liquid soap, we can start adding the AE of our choice, or not, and also a few teaspoons of glycerin or quality vegetable oil to make your shower gel more emollient.

You can already pack it in a measuring bottle for gels, we recommend that you shake the soap from time to time if you see that it begins to gel, because, as you know, soaps made with caustic soda have a tendency to solidify, contrary to what happens with gels made with potash.


If you have prepared it, leave us your ideas about it in comments:)


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