Where to get the raw materials to elaborate cosmetics and higienic products?

When it comes to making our own creams, deodorants and household detergents, in a natural and biodegradable way, inevitably, we will need to acquire some ingredients and raw materials.

The objective of this page is to make it easier for readers to acquire these ingredients of natural origin. Many of these raw materials will also be possible to find on amazon, but since we do not receive any type of commission for our advice, we recommend some online stores that are dedicated exclusively to this and where you can find more competitive prices and shipping costs. , apart from top quality natural ingredients and materials.


In the north of Europe there are interesting stores to buy raw materials for natural cosmetics, like these German ones:




https://www.behawe.com shop, that you can also consult in English or French. Also, the skincare shop, although this one, unfortunately, you have to try to understand it in German: https://www.skincareonline.de  or also  https://www.cosmopura.de. And this one too: https://www.rosarome.de




You will find easily with a google search this store that offers good quality raw products: https://www.naturalheroes.nl

And also the dutch www.jojoli.nl store that distributes its products also in Belgium and Germany.

If you live in the Netherlands and understand a little French, I would also try the AROMA-ZONE store because it ships its products all over Europe at very competitive prices and they have good quality.

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