The literal translation of the term Ayurveda means “science of life”. This philosophy of life does not deal with the physical body exclusively, but also includes its psychology and spirituality. Ayurveda encompasses aspects such as meditation, eating, physical exercise, schedules and lifestyle habits…   It is therefore a holistic conception of life that addresses all […]


Everyone today has heard of “trans” fats or hydrogenated fats. And it is that, in the food industry, when certain foods are manufactured, it is necessary to use oils. It happens that olive, sunflower, or other seed oils are liquid at room temperature. And that for the industry is a problem, because what it needs […]


The most nourishing and emollient treatment and also the easiest to prepare. Don’t complicate your life! This cream is available to anyone, you just need a little shea butter and an oil suitable for your skin type to prepare it. And, very importantly, it does not even need preservatives, which are the ones that can […]


There are hundreds of different formulations for making cold saponified soap, and you can each create your own if you know how to use a saponification calculator. We, through this blog, want to do our bit and contribute to the formulation of healthy and biodegradable natural soaps. On this occasion, we have formulated a cold […]

MAQUILLAJE FLUIDO de base sin microplásticos ni parabenos.

Con esta entrada hemos querido hacerle un guiño a la Navidad que ya llega. Si necesitáis preparar un regalo de última hora, ésta puede ser una receta estupenda. Se trata de un maquillaje facial fluido totalmente natural, elaborado con aceites vegetales, BTMS vegetal, óxido de zinc (del mismo que se utiliza en las pomadas para […]

MAQUILLATGE FLUID de base sense microplàstics ni parabens.

Amb aquesta entrada hem volgut fer-li un gest de complicitat al Nadal ara que ja arriba. Si necessiteu preparar un regal d’última hora, aquesta pot ser una recepta estupenda. Es tracta d’un maquillatge facial fluid totalment natural, elaborat amb olis vegetals, BTMS vegetal, òxid de zinc (del mateix que s’utilitza en les pomades pel culet […]

FLUID BASE MAKE-UP without microplastics or parabens.

With this post we wanted to wink at Christmas that is already here. If you need to prepare a last minute gift, this can be a great recipe. It is a totally natural fluid facial makeup, made with vegetable oils, vegetable BTMS, zinc oxide (the same one used in baby bottom ointments), and the most […]


As you know on this page we take care of the effectiveness of our natural recipes down to the smallest detail and we also take care of our public. That’s why we’ve reformulated a new ricinoleate zinc-based deodorant recipe. Although the recipe in our previous post is quite good and continues to work effectively, we […]

NATURAL DEODORANT in roll-on format.

In this post we will show you how to make a completely natural deodorant, and, of course, without parabens or aluminum. Why bother us making this sophisticated deodorant whose active ingredient, zinc ricinoleate, can only be obtained in specialty stores? The answer is that zinc ricinoleate, a natural compound derived from castor oil, is the only […]