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Are you a bar soap or a liquid soap type? If you are one of the second, you will like this recipe with which you can prepare a liquid hand soap or a shower gel with the same properties as the best cold saponified natural soaps. SHOWER GEL WITHOUT MICROPLASTICS 4   We will need […]


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“Vaginal flora is called the set of bacteria that live naturally in the female intimate area. The presence of these (mostly Lactobacillus bacteria) has a protective function, as they produce lactic acid and other substances, which maintain acidic vaginal pH by inhibiting the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.” INTIMATE HYGIENE HONEY GEL 11 “Each woman is […]

COLD PROCESS SOAP WITH orange zest powder.

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Let’s make another cold process soap because, as you know, cold process soaps over greased are optimal for the hygiene of our skin. Contrary to what is often thought, caustic soda disappears completely from the final composition leaving us all the properties that vegetable oils and natural glycerin bring to the skin. COLD PROCESS SOAP […]


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There are hundreds of different formulations for making cold saponified soap, and you can each create your own if you know how to use a saponification calculator. We, through this blog, want to do our bit and contribute to the formulation of healthy and biodegradable natural soaps. On this occasion, we have formulated a cold […]

HOW TO MAKE A NATURAL BODY SOAP with the cold process method

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Before starting: It is essential to remember that caustic soda is dangerous, so we must protect ourselves with gloves and glasses and also avoid breathing the gases that are released from the reaction of soda with water. It is therefore necessary that you prepare the bleach * (a mixture of soda and water) in a […]