With this post we wanted to wink at Christmas that is already here. If you need to prepare a last minute gift, this can be a great recipe.

It is a totally natural fluid facial makeup, made with vegetable oils, vegetable BTMS, zinc oxide (the same one used in baby bottom ointments), and the most ecological and tolerable preservative that exists, Leucidal, which is made from the fermentation of radishes by the Leuconostoc Kimchii bacteria.

So, a totally organic makeup for the holidays and 100% tolerable for all skin types.


In a previous post we had prepared a facial BB cream as a day base. This cream had the function of covering imperfections while providing sun protection.

Are you wondering now, why then a fluid foundation?

Our fluid foundation is lighter, while still providing sun protection. Its application is more comfortable and, perhaps, given its lightness, it may be more interesting when using it in summer.

On the other hand, now that we already know the possibility of vegetable BTMS, we can use it to create other types of compositions, as is the case.


We will start by putting the vegetable BTMS and the oil in a water bath. Next, we will add the zinc oxide making sure that everything is amalgamated very well without stopping stirring with the rod and, finally, we will add the distilled water.

First phase

15 g jojoba oil / substitutable for argan or almonds oil

2.5 g of emulsifying wax type BTMS vegetable

3 g of zinc oxide (not only acts as an emollient and sunscreen, but also helps to fix the pigments in our makeup)

70 grams of distilled water

Second stage

Color rectification with natural pigments

1TBSP (15grs) red clay

1 tsp (5grs) beet powder

Final phase

Between 15-20 drops of preservative Leucidal

1 gram or a capsule of vitamin E


More or less this fluid should be our base.

Now, we are going to proceed to color our fluid foundation.

We will add a TBSP tablespoon (about 15 grams) of red clay to our base mix. If we have fair skin it is possible that the red clay is enough, but if we want to give it a more lively and rosy tone, we will also add a teaspoon (tsp = 5grs) of beet powder.

We remove and we will obtain approximately this result. It is time to add the vitamin E capsule and the Leucidal preservative drops.

What we like the most about this makeup is its fluid texture that prevents our face from being covered when applied. It is completely absorbed and evens out the face without producing a “trace effect” like other commercial make-ups do.

In this image you can see how fluid it is.

If you need a more covering makeup, I suggest you prepare the facial BB cream that we anticipated in a previous post as it is a much more compact cream.

We have packed it in a glass container to extend its shelf life.

What is a good gift idea for?

We hope you like it and that if you prepare it, you will leave us a comment.

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