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In this entry we try to argue why natural cosmetics are healthier than conventional commercial cosmetics.

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Why explain why we believe that fresh foods and herbs are the basis of a natural medicine to preserve health.

Ayurvedic health framework has a lot to say about natural skincare.

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The theoretical framework to talk about natural cosmetics. The origin of the “slow” cosmetics movement.

Major changes in society are needed to preserve balance in nature and on Earth. Humans are making Earth a broken planet and increasingly uninhabitable due to climate change, loss of biodiversity, and pollution. Therefore, the world must make drastic changes in society, the economy and daily life, says a new report from the United Nations.
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The common thread of this Blog is natural cosmetics and well-being. It is important to establish a link between the beauty of our skin, our lifestyle and our emotions. Many times, the cause of a dermatological issue can be found in our lifestyle or in the hygienic products that we consume.

We define in this article the filosophy behind Ayurvedic csometics. And we explain also the concepts of homemade cosmetics and “slow” cosmetics.

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