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When looking for a natural depigmenting cream with the right ingredients it is difficult to know if antioxidants will fulfill their function as well as specifically depigmenting substances. And to advise oneself to prepare one’s own cream or depigmenting serum, research can become an important task given the wide range of theoretically clarifying substances that […]


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Our mood and health is reflected not only in our skin, but also in our attitude to life and to others. That is why, when we talk about beauty, we do not speak from a superficial or aesthetic point of view, but as an attitude of life. The secret of lasting beauty is not outside […]


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If you try this cream you will love the fluidity of its texture and its ability to hydrate. MOISTURIZING FACIAL CREAM 26 INGREDIENTS: ¼ cup of almond oil 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel 5 grams of beeswax 1 vitamin E capsule   PROCEDURE: We prepare and weigh the ingredients that we are going to […]


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The most nourishing and emollient treatment and also the easiest to prepare. Don’t complicate your life! This cream is available to anyone, you just need a little shea butter and an oil suitable for your skin type to prepare it. And, very importantly, it does not even need preservatives, which are the ones that can […]

BUTTER BASE CREAM combined with hydrolate

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With a hydrolate or infusion and a butter we can also prepare a base cream with good penetration if we use a self-emulsifying agent such as soy lecithin. Like the cream based on shea butter and rosehip oil that we talked about in a previous post, this cream can be another of our daily hygiene […]


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Three ingredients are enough to prepare this facial cream. With three ingredients and a few drops of essential oil and preservative (if we do not want to leave it in the fridge) we can obtain a cream with a spectacular and highly absorbent texture. We have given it this name because, as you can see, […]